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Faculty Profiles

William Rybolt

  • Associate Professor
Academic Division: Math & Science


Dr. Rybolt has been active in microcomputer applications, cognitive psychology, user/computer interfaces, artificial intelligence, expert systems, and neural networks. He has been a principal in several startups, and consults on applications of emerging technologies to business. His current research includes studying the impact of new Internet technologies on business and education. Areas of expertise include Emerging Technologies, Educational Assessment, and Computer Programming. Dr. Rybolt's articles have appeared in Journal of Management Information Systems, Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, Intelligent Systems Review, Advances in Artificial Intelligence in Economics, Finance and Management, Expert Systems with Applications, and other journals.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph D, MIT
  • BS, MIT
  • BS, MIT

Academic Interest / Expertise

Information Technology; Web Technologies; Math and Sciences; Math Education


Journal Articles

  • Rybolt, W.H., Recck, G.R. (2012). Conceptual vs. Computational Formulae in Calculus and Statistics Courses . International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, The. Vol: 8, Issue: 2, Page: 1-6. Common Ground Publishing.


  • Kopcso, D.P., Pipino, ., Rybolt, W.H., Wang, . (in press). Developing Measurement Scales for Data Quality Dimensions: Information Quality in the Advances in Management Information Systems.

Conference Proceedings

  • Rybolt, W.H., Pipino, L. (2012). Introducing Data and Information Quality Principles in Today’s College Curriculum via an Introductory Probability and Statistics Course: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Information Quality. Page: 151-162. MIT Information Quality Program. link


  • Data Analytics and Statistics Instruction: Experiences with Introducing or Expanding Analytics Offerings Rybolt, W. Recck, G. Annual DSI Meeting, Austin, Texas (2016)
  • Motivating Students to Read the Text Using Daily Quizzes Recck, G. Rybolt, W. Joint Statistical Meetings , Seattle, Washington (2015)
  • Teaching Introductory Statistics Using in-Class Activities Rybolt, W. Recck, G. Joint Statistical Meetings, Seattle, Washington (2015)
  • Lessons Learned from Ten Years of Dynamic On-Line Quizzes: Recommendations for the Future Recck, G. Rybolt, W. Maple TA User Summit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2014)
  • Information Bias in Surveys: The Impact of Information on Biasing Survey Responses Recck, G. Rybolt, W. 2014 Joint Statistical Meetings, Boston, MA (2014)
  • Attention to Details: Does it Facilitate or Impede Learning Rybolt, W. Recck, G. ICOTS9: 9th International Conference on Teaching Statistics, Flagstaff, AZ (2014)
  • The Transition from a Lecture Based to an Activity Based Classroom: Lessons Learned and Recommendations Rybolt, W. Recck, G. Karst, N. 26th International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, San Antonio, TX (2014)
  • Muddiest Points Rybolt, W. Decision, Sciences, Institute , San Francisco (2012)
  • Introducing Data and Information Quality Principles in Today's College Curriculum via an Introductory Prob. and Stats. course Rybolt, W. ICIQ, Paris, France (2012)
  • The Influence of Ability, Aptitude, Attitude, Goals, Exams, Homework, Participation, Skill, and Quizzes on Academic Performance Rybolt, W. 10th Annual Hawaii International conference on Education, Honolulu (2012)
  • Conceptual vs. Computational Formulae in Calculus and Statistics Courses Rybolt, W. 8th International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society , Los Angeles, CA (2012)
  • No to Tables and Calculators but Yes to Units Rybolt, W. DSI, Boston, MA (2011)
  • Using Wolfram Alpha to Produce and Analyze Data in Quantitative Courses: Promise and Reality Rybolt, W. 9th Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI (2011)
  • The IMpact of Repitition on Learning Quantitative Material: An Exploratory Investigation Rybolt, W. DSI, San Diego, CA (2010)
  • The Effects of Multitasking on Academic Performance Rybolt, W. ICOTS, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2010)
  • Practical Limitations When Using Excel with Large Data Sets Rybolt, W. ISBIS, Portorose, Slovenia (2010)
  • Media Habits of College Students and its Implications for Education Rybolt, W. 8th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI (2010)
  • Assessing the Impact on Student Learning and Behavior in a First Applied Statistics Course by Innovative Use of Three Delivery Types Including Online Homework: Experimental Design and Implementation Rybolt, W. McKenzie, J. Joint Mathematics Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2010)
  • What Excel Files Tell Us about Classroom Laptop Usage Rybolt, W. DSI, New Orleans, LA (2009)
  • Why We Should Teach Introductory Applied Statistics Courses Backward Rybolt, W. JSM, Washington, D.C. (2009)
  • Using File Uploads to Monitor and Improve the Classroom Laptop Experience Rybolt, W. USCOTS, Columbus, OH (2009)
  • How We Should Teach Introductory Statistics to Buisness Students Rybolt, W. DSI, Baltimore, MD (2008)
  • What Do Students Actually Read and Its Educational Implications Rybolt, W. Math Fest, Madison, WI (2008)
  • DCDC a Simple Game to Give Students First Hand Experience with Data Cost and Data Cleansing, the Forgotten Topics Rybolt, W. New Learning Technology Conference, Orlando, FL (2008)
  • 'Two-Thirds of the Average' a Simple Day One Game to Jamp Start an Introductory Statistics Course Rybolt, W. Joint Math Meeting, San Diego, CA (2008)
  • Assessing Student Learning in First-Year Quantitative Courses at Babson College: Experimental Design McKenzie, J. Rybolt, W. IASE/ISI Satellite Conference on Assessing Student Learning in Statistics, Guimaraes, Portugal (2007)
  • Experience with Using Electronic Surveys to Meet the Six Recommendations of the GAISE College Report Rybolt, W. Aieta, . 7 th International Conference on Teaching Statistics, Salvador, Bahia (2006)
  • Coin Tossing as a Favorite Exercise What is it Good For? Rybolt, W. Joint Mathematics Meeting, San Antonio (2006)
  • Rybolt, W. USCOTS, Columbus, Ohio (2005)
  • The Twilight of Partial Credit and Rebirth of Mastery Rybolt, W. Aieta, J. 17th International Conference of Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, New Orleans (2004)
  • Promoting and Assessing Successful Learning through Electronic Quizzes Rybolt, W. Aieta, J. Best Practices in College Retention, Rockport, Maine (2004)
  • Technology and Assessment in Quantitative Methods and Calculus at Babson College Rybolt, W. Aieta, J. Superintendent Technology Leadership Conference, Cambridge MA (2004)
  • A Comparison of the Learning Impact of Electronic versus Paper Quizzes Rybolt, W. Aieta, J. Tenth International Congress on Mathematics Education, Copenhagen, Denmark (2004)