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Senate Executive Committee

Guiding the Senate

A five-member Senate Executive Committee (SEC) consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, and two other members shall oversee and coordinate the work of the Senate.

All five members will be considered officers of the Senate and the term of each officer will be one year.

The Vice Chair shall serve as Chair in the event of the absence, incapacity, resignation, or death of the Chair. Chairs of any of the Major Standing Committees may not be elected to the Senate Executive Committee.

The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee of the Senate are:

  • To convene and preside over meetings of the Senate;
  • To prepare and distribute the call for agenda items and to determine the agenda for both the Senate and general faculty meetings;
  • To provide notification of time, place and agenda to Faculty for both Senate and general faculty meetings;
  • To record all proceedings of the Senate by maintaining the minutes, correspondence, and other necessary records or to arrange for such recording;
  • To distribute the minutes of the Senate meetings to all faculty;
  • To receive and preserve reports from Senate committees;
  • To take action on behalf of the Senate when time does not permit the Senate to act and such actions shall be automatically included on the Consent Calendar for the next Senate meeting;
  • To create ad hoc committees as necessary;
  • To nominate faculty for consideration by the Senate to fill vacancies that occur in the membership of Senate committees after the Elections Committee has made its nominations for the year;
  • To consult with the Senate regarding nominations of faculty for appointment to institutional task forces, advisory committees, and trustee committees and to include such nominations in the consent agenda of the next scheduled meeting for Senate approval; and
  • At the request of the President, the Senate Executive Committee or its designees may constitute themselves as, or become part of, a search committee for the purposes of filling, on an interim basis, a vacancy in the College administration.