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DES7500: Re-Imagining X 3 graduate elective credits Over the past two decades, changes in political, technological and cultural arenas have dramatically increased the need for companies, organizations, and individuals to innovate. In the future, inventing, developing, and implementing new solutions, be they products, processes, services, initiatives, business models, policies or entire organizations, will require at the minimum two sets of skills. First, with many saturated markets and solutions that are only superficially beneficial for users and consumers, a deeper and more empathetic understanding of user needs and aspirations is critical. Second, technological and political developments have made the world a much more interconnected place. People and devices today are much more connected than in the past. Similarly, many problems have grown in complexity, and require involvement of various stakeholder groups and the consideration of how they might be affected. As a result, a systems understanding is the second required skill set. In this course, Human-Centered Design and its recent version Design Thinking, coupled with a System Thinking perspective, will provide the mindset and the tools that participants learn to apply, and with which they will work to invent and develop new opportunities. The course combines reflective reading and case discussions with hands-on in-depth project work for students to learn and develop the relevant skills along with the new opportunities. Prerequisites: None


Operations and Information Management

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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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