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Course Description:

EPS 7574 Customer-Centric Marketing Campaign Design for Entrepreneurs (Previously EPS7574: Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Field Projects) In this hands-on entrepreneurial marketing course, students will gain practical experience by creating and launching a customer-centric, multichannel marketing campaign for their own business or for an entrepreneurial organization seeking marketing support. The course focuses on the role of entrepreneurial marketing in the value creation process leading to sustainable methods of acquiring, retaining and communicating with customers. Students will learn how to view the customer engagement experience through the eyes of their target market to effectively build a sustainable brand. They will also evaluate and measure the success of their own and their peers' campaigns, in real time. The first half of the course focuses on actively listening to, defining, discovering and responding to evolving consumer needs. Students will then use this knowledge to develop and launch a campaign that engages consumers and creates traction using a variety of marketing channels that align with customer behaviors, interests and attitudes. These campaigns might range from an integrated social media/webbased program to a sales outreach initiative. In addition to running the campaign, students will measure impact and traction of the customer acquisition tactics that they deploy during the entrepreneurially focused course, both online and offline, inbound and outbound. The success of these tactics will be measured based on key performance indicators, defined metrics and milestones established by the students prior to the launch of their campaign. They will also develop and incorporate original content that directly addresses consumer needs and engages them to act. Throughout the course, students will: - Deploy appropriate customer discovery tools to identify customer and market needs, problems and entrepreneurial opportunities - Define customer profiles and create personas to align customer outreach methods and messaging with identified behaviors, interests and attitudes - Respond to evolving unmet customer needs using personal, digital, social and mobile spheres - Develop, manage and measure the success of a multi-tiered, marketing campaign that creates traction and engagement for entrepreneurial organizations - Develop content that directly addresses consumer needs and creates brand engagement - Analyze various market opportunities and assess risks with the focus on meeting customer needs - Develop key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics and milestones for their campaign and evaluate their success and their fellow peers' success based on achieving these metrics - Effectively allocate limited resources and budgets across diverse marketing channels Prerequisites: EPS7200



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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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