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EPS8510: Creating New Technology Ventures 1.5 credits ****THIS COURSE REQUIRES ACCEPTANCE INTO THE Tech Ventures Intensity Track (TVIT) PROGRAM. Registration is Manual for students who have been accepted into the program******** Students selected for Tech Ventures Intensity Track will take EPS8510 Creating New Technology Ventures in the Fall and EPS8511 Launching New Technology Ventures in the Spring along with 6 additional credits in either EPS or TOIM that help them move their technology business forward. Tech Ventures Intensity Track offers MBA students the opportunity to gain course credit for developing their tech startup while at Babson. This application-based intensity track includes elective courses in the MBA program that will help founders learn skills and processes necessary to run successful tech startups, and includes a "lab" experience in the Butler Launch Pad program at the Blank Center that is designed for focused work on accelerating their venture. Students who complete this program will develop skills to conceive, develop and launch technology-based ventures, including not only the necessary functional skills but also the entrepreneurial capabilities to use ET&A along their entire startup journey. For this intensity track, we hope that students will end the program at least with a working MVP and a plan to launch. Some ventures may be launched immediately after the program. Students in the TVI Track will have access to focused technology mentorship, training, and an immersive, practical experience in creating and running a technology venture, as well as participation in a cohort of like-minded tech entrepreneurs with the common goal of developing high growth ventures. Students are expected to fully embrace the "give and get" model of the cohort and actively participate in meetings. TVI requires an application process including an interview, and not all applicants will be accepted. Students will need to have a technology based new venture project already well past the "Explore" stage. This is a 1.5 credit Fall course + a 1.5 credit Spring course combined with a two semester co-curricular experience. Pre-requisite courses: Successful completion and / or concurrent enrollment in at least 2 MBA electives related to running tech ventures (6 credits).



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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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