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EPS8511: Launching New Ventures 1.5 elective credits ****THIS COURSE REQUIRES ACCEPTANCE INTO THE TECH VENTURES INTENSITY TRACK (TVIT) PROGRAM. Registration is Manual for students who have been accepted into the program and have taken EPS8510******** The Launching New Tech Ventures course, as part of the Intensity Track, offers MBA students the opportunity to develop core competencies to conceive, develop and launch their technology-based ventures, including not only the necessary functional skills but also the entrepreneurial capabilities to use ET&A along their entire startup journey. This application-based intensity track includes elective courses in the MBA program that will help founders learn skills and processes necessary to run successful tech startups, and is followed by a lab experience in the Butler Launch Pad program that is designed for focused work on accelerating their venture. Students in the TVI Track will have access to focused mentorship, training, and an immersive, practical experience in creating and running a technology venture, as well as participation in a cohort of like-minded tech entrepreneurs with the common goal of developing high growth ventures. Students are expected to fully embrace the give and get model of the cohort and actively participate in meetings. Prerequisite: EPS8510 and 6 credits of any of the following: EPS7500 New Venture Creation 3 EPS7510 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 EPS7520 Managing Growing Businesses 3 EPS7530 M&A for Entrepreneurs 3 EPS7539 Future Trends in EPS Ventures 3 EPS7574 Customer Centric Marketing Campaign Design for Entrepreneurs 3 PS7200 Technology and Operations Management 3 MIS9530 Competing on Analytics 3 MOB9521 Innovation Processes 3 MOB9525 Leading Innovation: Gorillas, Chimps and Monkeys 3 MOB9526 #CX #UX #XD innovation 1.5 MOB Strategies for Innovation and Growth 3 MOB Managing Technological Innovation 3 MIS9550 Innovating with Wearables 1.5 MKT7542 Digital Marketing 3 MIS7565 Blockchain Ventures 1.5



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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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