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Entrepreneurship Intensity Track (EIT) ****THIS COURSE REQUIRES ACCEPTANCE INTO THE EIT PROGRAM. Registration is Manual for students who have been accepted into the program***************** Students selected for the EIT: Entrepreneurship Intensity Track course will engage in an academically rigorous and reality-based curriculum that includes both classroom and outside class activity. Students will also work with an outside mentor. EIT is focused on developing and enhancing the student's knowledge and experience in order to maximize their prospects for starting a successful business soon after completing their MBA program. The course combines readings, discussions, lectures, conceptual tools, and guest speakers, all with an emphasis on the practical steps that students need to take to get their business up and running and keep it that way. Students should be those who can stand on their own and have the will to make it happen in a challenging environment. While EIT is focused on developing and enhancing a student's knowledge and experience, students should keep in mind that the business they are developing is theirs and its success is completely dependent on what they make of it. Prerequisite: Completion of one of the following courses: EPS7500 or EPS7530 or EPS7545 or EPS7546 or EPS7574 This course is typically offered in the following semester: Spring



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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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