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Course Description:

FIN7504 Risk Management (formerly Managing Financial and Corporate Risk) 3 credit elective Risk management of modern corporations has risen to a new pre-eminence in industrial and financial firms. The reasons for this rise, and the techniques and instruments used by risk managers, are the subjects of this course. The course first considers the mechanics and the economic intuition behind the basic tools of financial risk management: forwards, futures, swaps, and options. Students will then use their knowledge to build synthetic securities, to exploit arbitrage opportunities, and to alter the risk/return characteristics of corporations. We then apply these tools to risk management problems of firms in industries such as energy (oil and natural gas), chemicals, financial services (banks and securities firms), and commodities (gold), and pharmaceuticals (intellectual capital.) Prerequisite: FIN7200 or FIN7800 This course is typically offered in the Spring



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MSF Elective (Grad),Graduate Elective (Grad)

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