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Course Description:

FIN 7508 Financial Services and Institutions (Formerly _Management of Financial Institutions_)
3 credit elective

This course covers the operation and management of a variety of financial firms and regulatory agencies, including depository institutions, the Federal Reserve, investment banks, hedge funds, broker-dealers, asset managers, insurance companies, venture capital funds, and private equity firms. It examines the role these institutions play individually and collectively in the capital markets and how they impact the broader economy. Examples of possible topics include: managing risk and return in regulated depository institutions; venture capital markets and start-up financing; securitization and structured products; private equity and leveraged transactions; and the emergence of quantitative-high frequency trading firms.

This course aims to provide a general and practical understanding of the unique, and interrelated functions and operations of financial institutions as well as the products and services offered by such firms. As such, it will be useful for any student interested in pursuing: (a) sell side positions in investment banking and private equity; (b) buy side positions in asset management; (c) a range of finance related positions within insurance and commercial banking; (d) finance related roles at medium to large corporations. It will also be useful for any student who has an interest in founding/owing a business that requires or will require substantial outside capital at start-up or to fund expansion.

Evening: FIN7200
Blended Learning MBA: (ECN7201 and MIS7200)
One Year: FIN7200
Two Year: FIN7200



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MSF Elective (Grad),Graduate Elective (Grad)

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