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LAW7515: Law for Entrepreneurial Success 1.5 credits For the entrepreneurial leader, law is an essential lens for seeing risks and opportunities - and for helping to ideate and realize plans. This course will equip you to see, plan, and act with legal astuteness. This course features a customizable learning experience that allows you to focus on the industry and country of your choosing. It will require speaking with an entrepreneur or manager at a company or your family business that has dealt with legal issues. This will allow you to develop an appreciation for how law can help to not only minimize risk, but actually see opportunities, grow, and create more value. This course features a review of generalizable legal essentials for any entrepreneur, including (1) business formation, (2) contracts, (3) intellectual property, (4) liability issues (torts), and (5) agency (employment law and related issues). Class meetings will focus upon (1) practice with issue-spotting in typical "real life" scenarios, (2) guest speakers who will speak to the value of legal astuteness as part of the toolkit of the well-equipped entrepreneurial leader, and (3) a check-in and then presentation of lessons learned acquired from the customized learning experience. This course is designed for both students who plan to work in the U.S., and those who plan to work in another country or internationally.


Accounting and Law

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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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