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Course Description:

MBA 7504: Systems Dynamics in Business, Society and the Environment
3 elective credits

Whether within smaller business organizations we lead and manage, or across extended global
enterprises so critical to our venture's success, or the hyperconnected societies in which we live, or
the environment engulfing us and our shared resources, a common element is the prevalence of
interconnected "systems" complex networks of parameters, actors, decisions, actions, and states
(of variables; not nations). The systems feature exogenous inputs and endogenous relationships,
transformations, flows, and feedback loops all playing out over time and, by so doing, making the
systems dynamic. It's just the way the world is: webs within webs of dynamic systems with all sorts
of intended and unintended convergence, divergence, equilibria, disequilibria, resilience, fragility,
and, yes, so-called butterfly effects.

And then, there are "us": biased, compartmentalized, bounded, and myopic in mindsets,
timeframes, choices, and ability to think through connections and second-, third-, and higher-order
effects. The course on "System Dynamics in Business, Society, and the Environment" is intended to
break through these very human traits and constraints.
Specifically, the course will

(1) introduce systems and systems thinking;
(2) immerse the learner in the schematic mapping, analytical modeling, and quantitative as well as
managerial analysis of dynamic systems in business, society, and the environment;
(3) introduce the notion of the "three singularities" (possibly existentially threatening disruptions in
the areas of computational, life, and environmental sciences) and explore the consequent system
dynamics for business, society, and the environment; and
(4) conclude with lessons for citizens, managers, policymakers, and leaders.



Course Level:

Graduate Elective (Grad)

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