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Course Description:

MBA7507: Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation
3 Credits

Entrepreneurial Leaders change the dynamics of competition in a market or bring new value to society. Entrepreneurial leadership is context independent. One can find entrepreneurial leaders inside a small, medium, large, non-profit, or a govt. enterprise. One does not have to be a genius to impact change when given a lot of resources. Many times, entrepreneurial leaders impact change with little resources. Innovation is the weapon of the entrepreneurial leader. Without entrepreneurial leadership, there is no entrepreneurship. Without entrepreneurial leadership, there is no innovation. While invention and creativity could be an individual or small group activity, innovation is for the most part is a large group activity. For this to happen, entrepreneurial leaders assemble resources by energizing, engaging and enabling disparate groups and entities. Entrepreneurial Leadership is different from Charismatic Leadership, Ideological Leadership, Servant Leadership, Evocative Leadership and other forms of leadership. It is much closer to Transformational Leadership, Situational Leadership and Crisis Leadership. It has its genesis in Entrepreneurship and Military Leadership. This course will delve deep into the concepts, methods and tools of entrepreneurial leadership and innovation by examining case studies from a variety of industries: Mining, Personal Computers, Steel, Automotive, Smartphones, Apparel, Newspaper/Media, Malnutrition, Medical Devices, Healthcare Services, Food, Software, Financial Services, Airlines, Govt. Services, U.S. Navy and others.


Operations and Information Management

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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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