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MBA7540 Measuring and Achieving Strategic Results Formerly ACC7540 Strategy execution is critical to business success, perhaps more important than the strategy, itself. All businesses from conception to start-up to early growth to maturity need to employ appropriate and effective ways to direct attention to strategic opportunities and challenges and to influence decision-maker behavior. The best methods and mechanisms to guide strategic achievement can vary greatly depending upon the firm's makeup and its stage of "life." Drawing on the full variety of learnings from the MBA core, this course explores methods to manage the total firm and its operations in harmony with strategy. How does a company maintain strategic focus as it grows and broadens its range of activity? How does management know if a strategy is working? How does it find a new focus if the strategy becomes ineffective? Case studies and students' personal experiences provide the context as the course covers the influences of effective strategy execution over the entire business life cycle. Students who have taken ACC7540 or MOB9577 or MOB7577 cannot take this course. This course provides extension coverage of topics discussed in MOB9577 and MOB7577. Prerequisites: Evening: (ACC7000 and ACC7201 (or MBA8510) Blended: ACC7201 One Year: Acc7201 Two Year: ACC7201



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MSF Elective (Grad),Graduate Elective (Grad)

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