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Course Description:

MBA7504: Mysteries, Puzzles and Wicked Problems 3 elective credits The course will help you learn how to think insightfully and become a skilled problem solver. Excelling in both is essential for success, no matter what your choice of career. Employers routinely rank critical thinking and problem solving as prized skills that are difficult to find in business school graduates. A rising number of companies now look for these skills using case interviews. We will solve problems that are puzzles and mysteries, and we will slay problems that are wicked. Wicked problems are messy, multifaceted, lack sufficient information, and are difficult to solve. It is easy to get them wrong, especially under time pressure. Using various techniques and ways to think, we will learn to frame problems well to make sense of messy, ambiguous situations; identify needed evidence without wasting time on irrelevant information, draw upon different business disciplines but not be limited by any, find the story in numbers, use judgment, be original, and so much more. The course has a workshop format to emphasize in-class exercises and practice. We will minimize the use of conventional cases (14 pages of text and many more with exhibits). Instead, to simulate case interviews and workplace realities, we will use cryptic cases and live cases. Few business schools teach problem solving rigorously. Acquiring this skill will differentiate you in the job market, prepare you for doing well in case interviews, and position you for success in your career of choice. Prerequisites: None



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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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