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Course Description:

MOB7518: Solving Big Problems 3 elective credits The core strategy course, which emphasizes knowledge, covers the application of widely used strategy concepts and frameworks. This course emphasizes skills, specifically, those of diagnosis and problem solving. Good thinking and problem solving will set you apart no matter what your choice of profession and career. To make learning both challenging and compelling, we will use the setting of big problems. These are uncommon, difficult, visionary attempts at transforming industries and societies to better people's lives. By studying a variety of attempts at solving big problems, both successes and failures, we will learn the following skills. One, integrative or systemic thinking, which is not limited to any function or discipline but draws upon all of them. Two, conceptual thinking, which is different from but complements analytical thinking that you learn in core courses. The ability to think conceptually is uncommon and a trait possessed by those who accomplish transformative things. Three, critical thinking, a skill regularly stated as desirable by recruiters and in studies of effective executives. The course is ultimately about becoming an effective and valued problem solver. Prereq: MOB7202 or MOB7801



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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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