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MOB9527: Leading in a Connected World
1.5 Credits (intensive elective)

Meeting Dates: TBD

The collaborative intensity of work has snowballed over the past decade as companies have transitioned to flatter or matrix-based structures, layered on collaborative technologies, adopted agile methodologies, deployed increasingly complex products and services, and integrated operations across the globe. Collaborative time demands have risen more than 50% in this time frame with most people spending 85% or more time in a given week on email, in meetings, and on the phone. There are positive outcomes of this new way of working: Companies more seamlessly serve demanding clients, and individuals are able to craft jobs with meaning. But a significant (and unmanaged) consequence of this new landscape is the un-abating collaborative work load, which is hurting company performance and employee effectiveness and well-being.

In this new world of work, networks of collaboration have become central to both organizational effectiveness and personal success. Yet despite the centrality of networks to performance, most leaders do not manage this asset well and often have no transparency into the main thing people do all day long: collaborate with others. Leading in a Connected World addresses organizational, team and individual collaborative drivers of effectiveness in today's networked economy. The course is thoroughly evidence-based, drawing on more than two decades of research in over 300 organizations. At each step, it will focus not only on drivers of effectiveness but also on equipping you with analytic tools (e.g., Organizational Network Analysis) and best practice guides (e.g., Team Agility, Personal Effectiveness) that you can deploy immediately in your organization or as a differentiating skill in interviews.

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