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MOB9545 Leading and Managing Change 1.5 credits (intensive elective) Meeting Dates: Given the shortening cycle time in all industries, in today's business environment it is difficult to find a company that is not at some stage of planning or implementing a change program, more often there are multiple change initiatives in process. Whether the goal is cutting costs, shortening development times, enhancing customer service, targeting new market segments, or becoming a _solutions provider_, companies are devoting increasing effort to initiating and managing change programs. The basic objective of this Intensive Elective is to prepare you to play realistic and effective roles in leading and managing organizational change. It is more than a truism that if you are not part of leading a change, you are likely to become a victim of it. In the context of a range of concrete cases (small, medium, and large companies, technology and service firms, operating in the US, Europe, and Asia, with problematic and successful change outcomes), we will pursue our objective by focusing on separating the wheat from the chaff in change models for their efficacy and possible shortcomings. We will identify and challenge the most pivotal assumptions that seem to drive action imperatives. We will explore the interplay of changing competitive forces, a company's history, and its corporate culture. And we will consider ways of leading and managing necessary during different stages of a firm's evolution, and during different phases of the change process. In the more recent cycles of the Course, increasing numbers of students from Family Business have enrolled to prepare their re-entry strategy, and to plan how they intend to establish the credibility to be able to lead change in their family businesses. Prerequisite: None



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