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Course Description:

OIM7500: Business Implications of Emerging Technologies 3 credit elective This course is about the impact of disruptive technologies on companies, markets and society as well as the challenges developing and deploying them to create economic and social advantage. As such the course is concerned with going from lab to enterprise to market, and explores the institutional interplay between technology and industry. It investigates the business dimensions of major technological advances, focusing on four levels of analysis: 1) Emerging technologies. Students will be exposed to several specific areas of science and technology, learn how to understand them and how to articulate their potential impact. 2) Industries. We will consider how the dynamics of established industries change as a result of emerging technologies, and how technology emergence creates new industries. 3) Companies. We look at the impact of technological discovery on individual companies, considering the role of R&D in companies and why established companies are so challenged in the face of breakthrough innovation opportunities. 4) Nations. We study national systems of innovation, examining how different institutional infrastructures within and across countries enable and/or inhibit emerging technologies. Government policy is explored in terms of the important role it plays in technology based innovation systems. Finally, the socio-economic and ethical dimensions of new technology commercialization are explored. Students learn through readings, cases and projects and work to mature a nascent technology into a viable commercial opportunity. The intent is to give students a macro level perspective on commercializing advanced technology and set the stage for a more sophisticated appreciation of how to cope with market, technology, resource and organizational uncertainties when faced with creating new businesses through developing specific applications of advanced technology.


Operations and Information Management

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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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