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Course Description:

OIM 7522: Leading Sustainable Innovation
(Previously MOB7522)
3 elective credits

**Students who took this as MOB7522 cannot register for this course**

The era of corporations integrating sustainable practices is being surpassed by a new age of corporations actively transforming the market to make it more sustainable. Enterprise integration is geared toward present-day measures of success; market transformation will help companies create tomorrow's measures. This course prepares entrepreneurial leaders to create systemic transformation and apply practical decision-making with the purpose of socio-ecological and economic value. In this course you will learn different approaches including systems thinking to design, develop and implement sustainability-oriented innovations. After completing this course, you will be able to
(1) Critically examine the relationship between business practices and socio-ecological system,
(2) Understand and apply the concepts of sustainability thinking and practice (externalities, process thinking, and systems and design thinking) to design, develop and implement sustainability-oriented innovations with socio-ecological systemic impacts,
(3) Understand how to operationalize the four elements of sustainability thinking and practice (purpose and strategic intent, stakeholder involvement, metrics, design and implementation of innovations)
(4) Develop knowledge and skillset to take lead in formulating an effective sustainability strategy for the transformation of a conventional organi


Operations and Information Management

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Graduate Elective (Grad)

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