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Course Description:

QTM7571: Introduction to Machine Learning Methods for Business
(previously titled Business Intelligence, Analytics & Visualization)
3 credits

This course introduces statistical and machine learning methods for business intelligence. Given the ease of data collection and storage, extracting meaningful information from data has become an essential trait for competitiveness, for companies large and small. In this course, you will learn a variety of statistical and machine learning methods that companies use to turn data into insights. You will get hands-on experience with the implementation of statistical and machine learning methods, from data pre-processing to generating predictions, and evaluating model accuracy. Your learnings will be in practical contexts, such as:

Predicting prices of homes as provided by the leading real estate database company
Predicting the statuses of the loans for the peer-to-peer loan lending company LendingClub
Building a recommendation engine for the music website

The various methods covered in this course will be implemented using the RStudio coding language. No prior knowledge of RStudio is required.

Prerequisite: QTM 7200 OR QTM7800


Math and Science

Course Level:

MSF Elective (Grad),Graduate Elective (Grad)

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