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The Babson Financial Literacy Project

 Financial Knowledge for a Brighter Future

College Financial Literacy Symposium

Training college staff to prepare students for their financial futures.

The BFLP College Financial Literacy Symposium is delivered to colleges and community colleges every year and is relevant for any college administrator, faculty, or staff interested in empowering young adults to take charge of their financial futures.

During two three-hour sessions, participants learn how to build a financial literacy program for their college that uses the BFLP’s comprehensive, unbiased case studies and supporting materials, including our online knowledge platform. Participants will leave the Symposium more financially savvy, inspired, and capable of championing an interactive, financial literacy program for your students, recent grads, and employees.

Program Benefits
     • Learn how to build a financial literacy program for your school
     • Experience the BFLP participant-centered workshops and pedagogy
     • Learn proven techniques for coaching young adults on critical financial topics
     • Facilitate a financial workshop with support from our team
     • Learn how you can evaluate the impact of your program
     • Leave inspired and prepared to launch your program!     

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“I appreciated the completeness of the package, the practical approach, and hands on guidance.”

– Lori Foo, University of Hawaii 

“All workshops were given extensive notes, which is SO helpful.”

- Meghan Fromi-Campos, Palmer College


High School Summer Workshops: How to Manage Your Money in College and Beyond

Helping high school students take control of their financial futures.

Would you like for your teen to be better prepared to manage their money for the next stage of life? If so, the Babson Financial Literacy Project (BFLP) offers a five workshop series that will give your student a strong foundation for your financial future and help you avoid common money mistakes made by young adults.

 Program Benefits
     • Learn to manage debt responsibly and build a good credit score
     • Start saving early and benefit from compound interest
     • Learn how to budget so you don’t spend more than you earn
     • Save for an emergency so your always prepared
     • And so much more …

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