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The Babson Financial Literacy Project




The BFLP uniquely prepares young adults to manage their financial futures through engaging, interactive workshops that teach highly relevant financial lessons in a community setting.

 The program draws from more than twenty case studies developed by Babson College finance professors. While exploring real-world financial situations, participants hone their problem-solving skills and build lifelong strategies for budgeting, building credit, saving for retirement, and more. Online learning modules and tools support the program. No financial expertise is required, and only basic math skills are needed.


What Makes Us Unique

Expert & Unbiased 

Seasoned Babson finance professors developed the program which is not affiliated with any financial institution.

Flexible Delivery Model

BFLP workshops are offered in person and online, and we provide trained facilitators or support delivery partners with train-the-trainer resources.

Engaging Format & Content

Case studies and group discussion help young adults develop their financial skills in a community setting. Online modules complement our workshops.

Consultative Approach

We work with our delivery partners to create and support a program that is highly relevant to their target audience.




Workshops cover diverse topics that are highly relevant for young adults. Sample workshops include:

  • Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Credit
  • Building a Financial Plan for College
  • Understanding Student Loans
  • Earnings & Your Paycheck
  • Managing Your Money to Build Your Best Life
  • Saving to Build Your Best Life
  • Becoming Money Savvy
  • Investing to Achieve Your Financial Goals
  • Decisions! Decisions! Everything You Need to Know When On-Boarding at Work


Online Financial Knowledge Platform

The BFLP program includes an online platform where participants can learn independently. The platform offers learning modules on a wide variety of financial topics as well as quizzes that test progress. Tools and calculators help users develop a budget, quantify the value of saving early, the impact of too much debt, and so much more.


BFLP Impact Table


“The BFLP case study on credit cards and credit scores was the best workshop I’ve been to all year!”

– Manager, City Year

"I learned to save money early in life for retirement!"

 – Golden West College student

"I’m going to work on paying off my credit card bill on time."

– West Los Angeles College student