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Our Approach

The BFLP takes a unique approach to educating young adults. Our program uses engaging case studies developed by seasoned Babson finance professors to teach important financial lessons to young adults. While exploring real-world financial situations in a community setting, participants hone their problem-solving skills and build lifelong strategies for budgeting, building credit, saving for retirement, and more. Online learning modules and tools support the program. No financial expertise is required, and only basic math skills are needed.

The BFLP works with delivery partners to design a financial literacy program that meets their needs and offers several workshop delivery options. We can provide coaches or train-the-trainer resources if a partner wants to build a program internally.

What Makes Our Program Unique

Expert & Unbiased 

Seasoned Babson finance professors developed the program which is not  affiliated with any financial institution.

Flexible Delivery Model

The BFLP program is offered in person and online, and we provide BFLP trainers or support delivery partners with train-the-trainer resources.

Engaging Format & Content

Case studies and group discussion help young adults develop their financial skills in a community setting. Online modules complement our workshops.

Consultative Approach

We work with our delivery partners to create and support a program that is highly relevant to their target audience.

Who We Serve

We work with social services organizations, educational providers, and companies interested in boosting the financial knowledge and capabilities of their program members and employees. Because our cases are discussion based and require no prior financial knowledge and only basic math skills, they are accessible to diverse learners.

“The BFLP case study on credit cards and credit scores was the best workshop I’ve been to all year!”

– Manager, City Year

“I don’t have a credit card because I was scared. Now that I know how to manage it, I’m not any longer and plan to get one.”

– City Year Participant