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Financial Knowledge

We help delivery partners design workshops that meet participant needs. We cover diverse topics that are highly relevant for young adults. Sample workshops include:

  • Borrower Beware: The Ins and Outs of Credit Cards
  • Building Your Financial Reputation
  • Building a Vision for Your Financial Future
  • Understanding Student Loans
  • Earnings & Your Paycheck
  • Managing Your Money
  • Saving to Build Your Best Life
  • Becoming Money Savvy
  • Investing for Your Future
  • Decisions! Decisions! Everything You Need to Know When On-Boarding at Work

The BFLP offers workshop series for specific audiences:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Companies
  • Social Services Organizations

“I finally understand my credit card bill and can do something about it.”

– City Year Participant

“I will make sure I pay off my credit bill in full always!”

– Wellesley College Student

“Very relevant information that is important for all students now and once they graduate.”

– Babson College Student