Options for International Students

Fellowships, Scholarships and Assistantships

Babson welcomes students from around the world. International students are automatically considered for merit-based aid programs​ at Babson. No separate application is required. If selected, recipients are notified at the time of acceptance.

The need-based Canadian Scholarship is awarded to Canadian citizens, with preference to students who attended McGill University. Apply by completing a College Scholarship Service PROFILE form online.

Babson College, in partnership with the Fundación Mexicana Para La Educación (FUNED), offers up to two $10,000 scholarships annually to selected incoming MBA or MS students who are Mexican nationals. For more information on the FUNED scholarship, please see FUNED Scholars section on the Fellowships and Scholarships​ page.


Student loans are available to international students with a credit-worthy U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident co-applicant. We have a list of recommended loans and lenders. You are in no way limited to loans/lenders on our list of options. Babson will process a loan from any lender, and it is your right to apply for loans through the lender of your choice. Additional financing options for international graduate students may be available from MPOWER FinancingProdigy FinanceHDFC Credila Education Loan (India), and FUNED (Mexico).


International students may work on Babson’s campus subject to certain restrictions and according to the terms of their visa. Go here for information about how to apply for campus employment. Read more on the Human Resources site.