Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey, Assistant Professor / Technology and Operations Management

“I love the global diversity of the Babson student body! There is definitely nothing cookie cutter about Babson students.

“I am from Jamaica, and it is not unusual to have a number of students from the Caribbean in my class. Often every part of the globe is represented: Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe. Having this broad student perspective makes for a very rich classroom experience.

“Outside of the classroom, students love to embrace and share theirculture. I love learning about the students and their backgrounds, their interests, and their aspirations.

“When I talk one on one with them, they’re curious to learn more about my journey from engineer to consultant to professor. If I could speak to my 18-year-old self, I would remind her to follow her calling, to trust her instincts, to explore the road less traveled, and to go where the peace is.

“I definitely took the scenic route on my journey to academia, but I have loved every minute of teaching at Babson. I especially enjoy the opportunities to develop new curriculum and to be creative in the classroom. As an outgrowth of my research and teaching interests, I developed a new course calledOperations for Entrepreneurs. I am excited to pass on important lessons I’ve learned from operations management consulting as well as from my research in applying principles of operations management to small, entrepreneurial ventures.

“As a teacher, my primary goal is to develop students into critical thinkers who can use tools learned in the classroom to address any new problem they may face. My secondary goal is to turn students into cross-functional problem solvers and prepare them to solve the complex, multifaceted problems they’ll encounter in their future workplaces.

“Babson students have a clear sense of what and how they want to contribute to the world, and they are always acting entrepreneurially to bring these dreams to fruition. They see a need, and then take action to make a difference. They inspire me to do the same.

“Whenever I talk or interact with students I am reminded of the beauty and power of embracing our individuality. Babson always encourages both faculty and students to take risks, to try new things, and to color outside the lines.”

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