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Babson Beaver 1955Biz E. Beaver / Babson Park, Massachusetts

“Some people call me a rodent, but people here call me T​he Biz-ness. Babson students, faculty, and staff make it super easy to do my job every day.

“What is my job, you ask? It’s to pump up the Babson community, and I’ve been doing it since the beginning (even though Babson’s history says the earliest image of me is from 1955).

“My grandfather is the mascot of MIT—what can I say, I’m a (wood)chip off the old block—and after Roger Babson graduated from there, he took me with him. He was my lifelong mentor and friend. My signature high-fives? That’s something I picked up from Rog; he was always a positive can-do dude.

“While I still call Rog my BFF, I really love being around the students. Reunion and Homecoming, Commencement, library study sessions—you name it and I’m there. Studying can beaver-y stressful, especially during finals, so I like to log as much time as possible on campus. Let’s face it: I make things more fun.

“Most beavers are only three-feet long, but I’ve got some athletic genesin my family. I still hit the pool after hours at Webster Athletic Center, and you’ll always see me at athletics events. I might look mean sometimes, but that’s just my game face. I need to intimidate our Division III sporting rivals and their inferior mascots. But really, I’ll give you a hug, I’ll take photos, I’ll sign autographs—and I’ll even throw free T-shirts at you.

“You’ll always find me wearing one of my bajillion Babson shirts (Except that one time I was caught shirtless. To the student who took that photo: I’ll still high-five you).

“I think it’s great that Babson is so eco-friendly. All the homes I’ve ever built have used recycled wood. There are lots of wooded areas at Babson, which I love. I’m particularly fond of the nature trail behind the Babson Executive Conference Center. And, though I’m an herbivore, I’m glad I don’t have to forage for food along that path: Trim Dining Hall has delicious vegetarian options.

“I encourage you to follow me on Twitter, email me at, or find me at an event on campus. I like to make it easy for you to get in touch with me—and I really hope you do.”

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