We believe an entrepreneurial education takes place both inside and outside the
classroom. Babson College’s bustling campus and the surrounding community
provides you with an enriching environment where you can put your new
knowledge into practice. Our team of Babson undergraduate mentors are always
available to support student projects and offer advice for navigating the campus..​

Classroom Topics

  • Communicating Your Why: As an emerging entrepreneur, you are your brand’s No. 1 asset.
    By studying marketing trends and decoding the way we interpret and respond to brand
    messaging, you will learn how to integrate your values, leverage your networks and resources,
    and communicate your “why.”
  • Business and Human Rights: Businesses play a role in human rights around the world. Learn
    how businesses can help solve big problems and how you can use your business skills to make
    an impact.
  • Reframing Failure, Your New Asset: The most successful leaders have one thing in common:
    they have made countless mistakes in their lives and careers. Uncover the ways missteps and
    accidents can help you drive success and change the way you think about failure.
Learning in Action

Engaging with Entrepreneurs of All Kinds

At Babson, we’ve redefined what entrepreneurship means to include all of the brilliant leaders who continually assess how to use their strengths and resources at hand to evolve and reach their goals. Listen to featured guest speakers (like Jason McBriarty of Levi Strauss) and have meaningful conversations through panels, design thinking sessions, and workshops with entrepreneurs representing several industries, including nonprofits, legal services, cloud computing, retail, and beyond.

Good Business Fridays

Your Summer Study peers have global perspectives and insights, and Good Business Fridays are an opportunity to collectively explore how to create both profit and purpose through entrepreneurship. These discussions follow The Lewis Institute’s Uncommon Table™ methodology, a unique approach of bringing multiple stakeholders together with the distinct purpose of catalyzing action in addressing a particular problem or social challenge.

Company Site Visits

The Boston area is one of the U.S.’s top innovation hubs. See entrepreneurship in action by touring local companies, such as TripAdvisor, and visit the Cambridge Innovation Center, home to more startups than anywhere else on the planet. You’ll also have a chance to explore Babson alumni businesses like InnerCity Weightlifting and Brooklyn Boulders.



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