BabsonDiscover: Webinar Series

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BabsonDiscover: Webinar Series

BabsonDiscover is a webinar series that will help all of us discover innovative ways to solve the unique challenges we face in these unprecedented times.

Our Centers, Institutes, and other community members will moderate weekly webinars that are open to all. Together, we can pioneer new pathways to help solve the challenges we now face and generate new opportunities that will create social and economic value. When you join live, the webinars will engage and connect participants. Recorded webinars will be available to view on this page.

Signature BabsonDiscover Webinars

These signature webinars are in partnership with our Centers and Institutes. Join us as we discover opportunities to face and overcome challenging times.

Entrepreneurial Leadership: The Key to Crisis Management
Presented By: Candy Brush

How 2 Be a Resilient Entrepreneur
Presented By: The Blank Center

Investing for Retirement
Presented By: Erik Sirri, The Cutler Center

The Ripple Effect of COVID-19 on Women
Presented By: The Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership

Crowdfunding: How to Fuel the Rocket
Presented By: The Weissman Foundry

Sustainability and Food: Why does it matter?
Presented By: The Lewis Institute

Navigating a Broken Supply Chain
Presented By: The Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership

First Pitch with Debi Kleiman
Presented By: The Blank Center

Salesforce and Health: How Tech is Reshaping the Complex, Integrated Healthcare Discussion
Presented By: The Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Global Healthcare

Returning to What? And How?
Presented By: The Lewis Institute

Coffee Talk with Bob Rosenberg H’97 MP’94, Former CEO of Dunkin
Presented By: The Blank Center

Cutler Center Finance Fridays

Sponsored by The Stephen. D Cutler Center for Investments and Finance, this webinar series focused on the financial impact of COVID-19.

The Financial Impact of COVID-19
Presented by Associate Professor Jerome Taillard
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Lawsuits: Securities Litigation Precipitated by the COVID-19 Crash
Presented by Associate Professor Steven Feinstein
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Equity Market Volatitlity in the COVID-19 Era
Presented by Assistant Professor Luke Stein
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Hedge Funds, Price Volatility, and the Career Ending Margin Calls
Presdented by Lecturer Glenn Migliozzi
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Current Crisis and the Impact on Real Estate
Presented by Professor Paul Griesmer
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Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership

CWEL and the Babson WIN Lab launched a webinar series to address specific concerns and challenges faced by founders in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Immediate Action: Financing Strategies & Cash Flow Management
Presented by: Jason Allen, VP of Investments, MassVentures

Building an Online Community
Presented by: Beth Santos, CEO & Fouder, Wanderful

Immigration and Legal Do's and Don'ts for Entrepreneurs
Presented by: Brazen Legal and Bennett Law Center

Personal Leadership and Mental Fortitude
Pressented by: Suzanne Jewell, Mindful Mornings Miami Podcast Host

Product Market Fit Research - Golden Data Treasures Abound
Presented by: Madeline K. Aufseeser