How will my contribution be used?

Funds raised through this campaign will cover the costs associated with renovating and updating the theater. This may include replacing worn seats, replacing flooring, painting, updating systems and other facility improvements.

Can I pick my seat?

Seats will be assigned as gifts to the campaign are received. We will do our best to accommodate your requested seating location, but reserve the right to assign your seating based on availability.

If I purchase more than one seat, will they be grouped together?

We will make every effort to reserve blocks of seats together.

Will I be able to sit in my seat(s) at performances or events?

The Take a Seat Campaign does not include a seat license and therefore will not guarantee that the seat(s) you have named will be available for performances and/or events.

What is the size of the seat plaque?

The seat plaque is 1 x 3” and will be affixed to the arm of the chair. The maximum character and spaces per each line is 30, total of 60 characters, over two lines. We will be happy to accommodate your inscription request as long as it meets the spacing guideline and naming policy.