Kerry Murphy Healey Park

Paving the Way for Babson’s Future

Babson's Centennial Park

Kerry Murphy Healey Park is located in the heart of Babson’s Wellesley campus, across the street from the Reynolds Campus Center and Hollister Hall. It brings Roger Babson’s vision of “an appreciation of the world as a whole” to the forefront, greeting visitors as they arrive on campus. In addition to the Babson Globe and the flags, Kerry Murphy Healey Park provides green space with trees and paths where the Babson community can gather and spend time together. The philanthropically supported Kerry Murphy Healey Park opened in spring 2019 and ensures that the Globe will remain a treasured part of Babson for generations.

In our ongoing effort to help protect the Babson community and create a safe re-opening environment for the fall, installation of commemorative bricks has been re-scheduled for fall 2020.