#LoveBabson Contest


Undergraduate Admission


Reinforce—from the perspective of current students—all the best aspects of Babson to accepted students as part of the yield sequence, further encouraging them to enroll and make their deposit.

The Work

We invited students to share their favorite things about Babson through the #LoveBab son hashtag on Instagram, with the winners getting an iTunes gift card and the chance to be featured in the brochure. Utilizing the best submissions, we developed a lovebabson filled with student photos and captions highlighting everything from athletics and the foliage to living on campus and our mascot Biz. E. Beaver.

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Even as applications to Babson have increased, the #LoveBabson brochure has helped us maintain yield rates of 29 and 27 percent. The #LoveBabson hashtag also has been used in more than 280 Instagram posts at events throughout the year, helping building a sense of community among students.


2014 Educational Advertising Awards: Bronze