The Lewis Instittute Overview Campaign


The Lewis Institute


Educate prospective partners how The Lewis Institute is creating social value at Babson and beyond by facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between students, professors, campus programs, and outside organizations.

The Work

The efforts of The Lewis Institute were too multifaceted to be effectively conveyed through a simple overview or mission statement. With that in mind, our work took the shape of an eye-catching accordion brochure composed entirely of relevant examples of the partnerships they had built. Working with the Lewis team to identify instances where their efforts had led to impressive results, we composed brief stories of these dynamic collaborations and paired them with clean, geometric design elements. Each story also featured links to the relevant pages on the Lewis website describing the different ways to engage with The Lewis Institute.


The Lewis team had an engaging piece of marketing collateral that highlighted the scope and impact of their work to facilitate social innovation—in fact, it was specifically praised by a corporate partner featured in one of the stories. Beyond that,​ additional stories demonstrating the positive impact they are making on and off campus were created to live on their site and further enhance user experience.