Undergraduate Viewbook: Define You


Undergraduate Admission


Provide a comprehensive overview of the Babson undergraduate experience while highlighting what makes it unique, showcasing the wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities students can take advantage of to shape their time at Babson.

The Work

We redesigned the physical viewbook to put an emphasis on how current students have embraced the Babson experience to define their interests, talents, and career paths. This viewbook, showcasing prominent student and alumni profiles, is integrated with the Define You subsite, which features stories of students from a variety of backgrounds explaining how Babson has helped them grow.

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We’ve experienced a significant increase in applications—the 7,515 applications for the class of 2019 represented a 21 percent increase and the most ever for Babson. Anecdotally, we also received overwhelming positive feedback regarding how we were able to convey the Babson experience to a broad audience while still differentiating the College from other schools.


2013 Educational Advertising Awards: Bronze