Shanze Sheikh

Board of Advisor, Bertarelli Institute for Family Entrepreneurship

Shanze Sheikh Profile PictureShanze Sheikh, graduated from Babson College Class of 2016. She has been working as third generation of her family business, Fatima Group.

Fatima Group is one of the top ten industrial conglomerates in Pakistan, with ventures in various sectors including fertilizer, sugar, textile, power, etc. The Group’s turnover in aggregate exceeds Rs. 200 billion annually with assets base of more than Rs. 350 billion. The Group contributes towards economic development of the country by employing more than 13,000 direct employees. Besides a strong presence in the local market, the Group also compliments the economy by earning valuable Forex of more than USD 200 million annually through exports. Contribution to National Exchequer over the last five years has exceeded Rs. 70 billion by the Group. In addition, the sponsor(s) of Fatima Group have also been part of the top taxpayers of the country to whom the Prime Minister of Pakistan has awarded recognition certificates. Furthermore, certain companies of the Group were also part of the list of Top Exporters of Pakistan, released by the Federal Government.

Shanze has been working as Director Commercial and is involved in Corporate Communications, Human Resource Management and Corporate Social Responsibility efforts made by the group.