Shruti Lohia Hora

Board of Advisor, Bertarelli Institute for Family Entrepreneurship

Shruti Lohia Hora

Shruti Lohia Hora started in the healthcare industry in 2003 when she assumed responsibility for Medisafe Technologies, a portfolio company of Indorama Healthcare, and which is a high-end medical glove manufacturer located in Indonesia. She managed the business till 2009, when she took a break to start a family.

In 2014, she ventured back into the healthcare industry going back into the glove business along with focusing on women and child healthcare within India. This was done in partnership with the Kinder Medical Group, a leading child and maternity specialist center based out of Singapore, under the joint-venture name of Kindorama, with specialist centers branded under Kinder Women & Child.

Kinder Women & Child currently has specialist centers in Kochi (Kerela), Bangalore, and Jaipur, with new centers being developed in other Indian cities. The vision for Kinder Women & Child is to become a leading healthcare institution that renders efficient and reliable pre- and post-natal healthcare services to women and children throughout India. Hence, she now shuffles her time between her first career in glove making alongside her hospital work in India.

And as a side passion, she has also got involved in an urban farming company called Edible Garden City which is a business that champions the grow-your-own-food movement in Singapore. The business has a physical farm in the heart of the city which hosts many workshops and school educational tours and grows all kinds of microgreens, leafy vegetables and edible flowers. It is running a B2B and B2C model where the farm is supplying to many restaurants throughout Singapore and delivering weekly produce to consumers with their citizen farm brand. And lastly it is also involved in many foodscaping projects for hotels and other private and commercial venues which advocates the grow-your-own food movement throughout the city.

Shruti graduated with a degree in Marketing & Management from Babson College, with a minor in Economics. She earned her Masters of Business Management degree from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is a proud mother of three children and is passionate about Art and travelling.