Student Advisory Forum

The Student Advisory Forum (SAF) is an opportunity for highly-engaged BIFE students to take a leadership role within the BIFE. 

Our student leaders work with us to co-create family entrepreneurship programming, and serve as ambassadors for the BIFE. 

We're excited to announce our Student Advisory Forum leaders this year:

  1. Eita Nakagawa, Sophomore representative
  2. Reed Santos, Sophomore representative
  3. Isha Jajoo,  Junior representative
  4. Sophie Michels, Junior representative  
  5. Marcos de Parada Rainieri, Junior representative  
  6. Benji Cantera, Senior representative
  7. Zachary Chriley, Senior representative
  8. Arianne Atala, Senior representative
  9. Kyle Manji, LSE representative
  10. Jacob (Charles) Shotmeyer, MSF representative
  11. Prajakta Jagtap, 2-Year MBA (1st year) representative
  12. Pitcha (Mook) Akaraphan, 2-Year MBA (2nd year) representative
  13. Xiong Wang, 2-Year MBA (2nd year) representative 
  14. Pablo Fernandez, 1-Year MBA representative
  15. Octavio Molina, 1 year MBA representative
  16. Achal Jain, MSEL representative