Application Process

Application Timelines

Application and admission for all Elective Abroad & Away courses is done in two phases: initial application and rolling application. For more information about how to apply for an Elective, visit our FAQ page.

Course Listings

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Please note when reviewing course listings:

  • Review course prerequisites and selection criteria prior to submitting an application.
  • International student (F1 or J1 visa holders) are advised to meet with an International Student advisor to ensure compliance with the U.S. visa regulations.

Application Requirements

The Elective Abroad/Away application will include the following questions.* We would encourage all applicants to spend some time to think about each of the topics and how the course experience will both support and further develop your personal interests and/or career aspirations.

  1. Course Interest: Tell us what interests you about this course, your motivations to study abroad and travel to this particular location. What relevant academic, cocurricular, or other experiences have you been involved in at Babson or elsewhere that illustrate this interest? Please also include any leadership roles you currently hold or have held.
  2. International Travel Experience: Please share why you are interested in international travel and feel free to include any international travel experience you have had to this point. IMPORTANT NOTE: previous travel experience is NOT a prerequisite or selection criteria for participation in this course.
  3. Global Citizenship: Briefly describe what the term “global citizenship” means to you and what importance do you believe it has for today’s professional leader? Include an explanation of what experience (if any) you have been exposed to as well as any interaction you have had with people from cultures other than your own.
  4. Personal Statement: Please use this section to submit a personal statement of 500 words or less to discuss why you wish to participate in this program, and how it will fit in with your academic experience at Babson. Please be clear about what you will contribute to this course as well as what you hope to gain from this learning experience.
  5. Academic Plan Review: I understand that it is important to meet with my Class Dean to review how this elective abroad fits into my academic plan prior to accepting my placement. [YES or NO]

*PLEASE NOTE: In some instances, a faculty may request an additional question or in-person interviews. These details are included in the course brochure page.