For additional information or copy of a form, please contact Accounts Payable.

Journal Entry Form

This form is used when a department wants to adjust where a charge was posted or wants to transfer funds to another department on campus. Note that all applicable areas of the form must be completed and supporting documentation should be attached to the form that is submitted.

Cash Receipts Voucher

​This form is used for all non-tuition/room/board cash, check, and credit card payments received by the College. The entire form should be completed and departments should be sure to maintain supporting documentation (including copies of checks) for all transactions. Departments should not accept foreign currency and the College currently only accepts Mastercard and Visa. All completed cash receipt vouchers should be forwarded to our office in the Nichols Building for processing.

​Account View Authorization

Use this form to add or remove department financial information access for an individual. All necessary sections of the form should be completed by the department and forwarded to Dave Smaldone in the Nichols Building.

Petty Cash Reconciliation

Departments on campus who have been authorized to have a petty cash fund should complete this form at least semi-annually to replenish petty cash. Cash on hand, along with receipts in the petty cash box should be noted on the form—the total cash on hand + receipts should ALWAYS equal the authorized petty cash amount for that department. The completed form, along with the original receipts, should be forwarded to Accounts Payable for review and processing. Once processed, the appropriate individual will be contacted to pick up requested replenishment funds.

Request for Check

Use this form to purchase something that could not be paid for on a Babson College Purchasing Card (PCARD) or items that do not require a purchase order. Forms should be completed and forwarded to Accounts Payable department for review and processing.

Employee Expense Report

Use this form to request reimbursement for goods or services paid for on behalf of the College—most often used when a staff member travels on College business. To the extent possible, the majority of expenses incurred on a business purpose trip should be paid for using the Pcard or Corporate American Express card. Completed forms, including detailed explanations on the business purpose of the charges and all supporting documentation (i.e. original receipts), must be forward to Accounts Payable department for review and processing.

Domestic Wire Transfer or Foreign Wire Transfer

An outgoing wire transfer is a payment method that can be used in certain instances to pay vendors of the College. A form must be completed by the originator and forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing. Payees will receive funds the same day the wire is initiated, while a foreign wire transfer may take two days for the payee to receive the funds. The spot rate on the day the wire order is initiated is used to convert U.S. dollars to the foreign currency. Please be aware that wire transfers are performed once a week on Fridays, unless other arrangements have been made with the Accounts Payable staff.

Travel Authorization

Employees should use this form when going on a business trip in excess of 2 days. The amount of cash requested should be the minimum necessary to cover out-of-pocket expenses not chargeable to a Pcard or Corporate Amex card. All cash advances are expected to be settled on an Employee Expense Report within 15 days after completion of the trip. Any unused cash advances should be returned immediately when a trip is cancelled or postponed for more than 7 days.

W-9 Form

The W-9 Form (pdf) is required by the IRS to be on file for all payees for year-end 1099 tax reporting purposes. Non-incorporated companies or individuals (including consultants and speakers) that are compensated by the College for goods or services rendered, must furnish their social security number or Federal Tax ID number on this form. The Accounts Payable department will not release a check to a vendor without a completed W-9 form on file.

Form W-8 Ben

Form W-8 Ben (pdf) mus​t be given to the withholding agent or payer if you are a foreign person and you are the beneficial owner of an amount subject to withholding. Babson College is required by the Internal Revenue Service to comply with specific federal tax withholding and reporting regulations when issuing payments to non-resident alien individuals. The types of payments affected include compensation, wages, honoraria, scholarships, fellowships and, in some cases, reimbursement for travel expenses. The general IRS rule is to withhold taxes at a rate of 30% for all payments made to non-resident alien individuals. However, an individual’s visa status, length of stay in the United States, or tax-treaty exemptions with specific countries could possibly reduce or eliminate the 30% tax withholding requirement in certain situations. For additional information, please contact Accounts Payable.