Babson College will be altering regular operations due to the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Campus Committee on Compensation

The Campus Committee on Compensation’s purpose is to review and confirm Babson College’s compensation philosophy to achieve the College’s overall business and educational strategies and goals, attract and retain key faculty and staff, and provide competitive compensation opportunities. The Campus Committee on Compensation shall undertake the duties and responsibilities it deems appropriate to fulfill the above purposes and other duties and responsibilities as prescribed by the College’s Vice President of Human Resources or President as requested.

Current Members

Kate O’Leary Director, Compensation/Rewards & Client Engagement Chair
Tony DeGregorio AVP, Budget & Capital Planning Member
Mahdi Majbouri Assistant Professor, Economics Member
Amanda Malin Senior Associate Director, FT MBA Programs Member
Joe O'Leary Assistant Director/Operations Lieutenant, Public Safety Member
Ginger Pearson Assistant Vice President, Advancement Administration Member
Donna Sosnowski Director, Hoffman Family Undergraduate Center for Career Development Member
Deb Wahlen Director, Project Management Member
Donna Bonaparte Vice President, Human Resources Advisor
Alexa D’Agostino Employment & Compensation Representative Secretary (non-member)