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How Else Can We Help?

Is this something Marketing can help with? It’s a frequently asked question. Below are some of those typical requests we receive, of which we can point you in the right direction.

I need to order a premium/giveaway/tchotchke for an event that I am planning.

We are here to provide you with any advice you may need about producing a premium. To find out which vendors are licensed with the College, go to Learfield Licensing Partners’ comprehensive list of vendors and search for Babson College. Learfield Licensing Partners can provide you with information on the products created by all licensees so you can match your needs with the right company. Learn more about Babson's licensing program. If you need a logo for your premium, please visit our guidelines and templates page.

I have event materials ready to be printed.

While we can often help you with the design of your event materials, please work directly with the Canon Copy Center for printing needs.

I want to create a social media account related to Babson.

We have a strategy behind Babson’s social media presence. If you feel an account needs to be created, please email Kaitlyn Lanthier, Director, Content Strategy, before creating an account.

I have photography needs.

New photography

As Babson does not have staff photographer, we ask that you work with a contracted vendor due to their familiarity with Babson’s brand guidelines. Please email Cheryl Robock, Director, Creative Services, for a list of photographers (including student photographers) we engage often.

Please note that you will be responsible for all aspects of your shoot including scheduling, payment, storage of your photography assets, and obtaining waivers from subjects. Please email Jeannette Angles, Risk Manager, for access to electronic waivers.


Existing photography

Entermedia is the College’s current digital asset management system. If you are looking for high-resolution photos from a previous Babson photo shoot, or if you have photography that would benefit the College and can be added to the repository, please request Entermedia access and training by emailing Cheryl Robock. Once you have access, download the entermedia-keywords(txt) and Entermedia Ingestion Process (pdf) for instructions.

I want to learn about the basics of video production to create a video.

We have a great PowerPoint presentation that will teach you more about video production including pre- and post-production. To access this presentation, please visit the community share drive at K:\PERM\College Marketing\Basics of Video Production.pptx

I need a Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word) document created.

While we don’t have the resources to offer design capabilities in Microsoft Office, we do have templates available for both of these programs for you to use. Additionally, if you have a pdf file that needs to be converted to MS Word, please visit and follow the prompts.

I need editing or writing help for a nonmarketing document (handbook, letter, etc.).

While we are here to assist with the editing and writing of marketing projects, we are unable to assist with nonmarketing requests. However, we do offer editorial guidelines to ensure that your documents are in line with Babson’s brand.

Do you help students with marketing projects?

While we are unable to provide students with marketing assistance, we do offer our brand guidelines so you can feel confident that your materials will be on brand. You can also review our Promotion How-To website for direction on planning, producing and promotion programs and initiatives on campus.