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The Code content type can be used in the Main Content area, Related 1 Content (optional right column), and Related 2 Content (left column, below the navigation).

The Code content type is used to embed videos, feeds, widgets, etc., add tracking code or other light programming to a page.


Code Content Type

Code Content Type Fields

Name (required) Unique content type name.
Code Paste the code to be embedded into the field.

Add Code

Log in to T4

Navigate to the section in which you'd like to add the Code

If the Section hasn't been created yet, create the new section

Click the Section Name to configure the section and its associated content

Enable the Content Type

Under the Content Types tab, enable the Code content type by finding it in the list of available content types and selecting either the Branch or Section radio button.

Select Branch if you plan to use the Code in this section and the section's child sections. Select Section if there are no child sections or no plans to use the Code in those sections.

Depending upon the user's permission levels, the content type may already be enabled, or it may not be available at all. If it isn't available and you'd like to use it, contact your approving stakeholder (Moderator or Power User) to request it.

Click Save changes.

From the Site Structure view, Click the Section Name to continue.

Add the Content Type to the section

Under the Content tab, click Create Content

Find the content type in the list and click the name Code, or select the associated radio button to the right of the table and click Next

Add Information to/Configure the Content Type

Enter the content type Name (required).

Name it something descriptive. When the content type is listed in the Content in this section tab, the word "Code" is listed below the Name field, so the name doesn't need to contain the word "code." For embedded YouTube videos, I generally just use "YouTube Video Embed" because the video itself will most likely change, so getting too specific is unnecessary -- I like to just describe the nature of the code in the content type.

Paste the code into the Code field.

Click Save Changes when done.