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TERMINALFOUR Quick Start Guide

TERMINALFOUR (T4) is Babson College’s public-facing content management system, used primarily for marketing the college to several different audiences.

Update Text

Users log in to T4 with their Babson network username and password.

Log in to Direct Edit

Footer Login Link
  1. Go to
  2. Use the Main (top) and left navigation to find the section to update
  3. Scroll to the footer at the bottom of the section
  4. Click the Copyright symbol “©” in the centered line of text: “© 2019 Babson College. All rights reserved.”
  5. Log in with your Babson network username and password

Update Text

Direct Edit Controls

Text that is surrounded by a dashed border is able to be updated in Direct Edit. If there is no dashed border around the text (or if hovering over it does not change the background color) then it's in a child section and needs to be updated there. See the Sitemap instructions, below.

  1. Hover over the content block and click into the copy
  2. Editing controls are located at the top of the browser window
  3. When using copy/paste, first select Edit > Paste as text > OK—this will ensure the pasted text doesn't bring any formatting with it, which makes it more difficult to edit
  4. If the existing copy already has formatting applied, select the text then select Format > Clear formatting
  5. Format subheadings by selecting Format > Formats > Headings > Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.

Save Content

When finished editing and formatting the content, click the blue Save content bar at the bottom of the content box or the blue disk icon Save content button at the top.

Approve Content

If your user role is set to Moderator or above, and you're ready for the section to be published, click the dark gray checkmark icon Approve content button at the top of the content block.

If your user role is set to Contributor, a message will be sent to your approving Moderator or Power User to approve the updates.


All content that has been Saved and Approved will be published site-wide every morning at 2 a.m. during the Channel Publish.

Sitemap Overlay


In the left toolbar, click the Sitemap icon to open the Sitemap overlay. The currently displayed section is highlighted in white.

Some Page Layouts are designed to pull content from a child section into a column—these child sections will be named "Related 1 Content" (right column) and "Related 2 Content" (left column).

Update Content in a Child Section

  1. Click the Sitemap icon to open the Sitemap overlay
  2. If the content is in the right column, click the Related 1 Content child section
  3. If the content is in the left column, click the Related 2 Content child section
  4. Text that is able to be updated will be surrounded by a dashed border—follow the instructions for "Update Text", above.

Sometimes content is pulled from section to section using content types called Navigation Objects (e.g., Grid Wrapper and Accordion Wrapper).

In these cases the child section will (hopefully) be named something indicative of the contents, like "Profiles Grid Items" or "Accordion Items." Editing the Grid Wrapper or Accordion Wrapper in the parent section and looking in the "Retrieve content from" field will tell you the name of the child section and where it's located. 

Quick Start Guide on YouTube