Redefining Entrepreneurship

As the educator, convener, and thought leader for Entre­pre­neur­ship of All Kinds ®, Babson launched a campaign to extend the defini­tion of entre­pre­neur­ship, asserting, “The World Needs a New Defini­tion of Entre­pre­neur­ship. It’s Being Written Here at Babson.”

Launched in 2011, the keystone of the campaign was a new digital hub which created opportunities for the community at-large to participate in the “Redefining Entre­pre­neur­ship” effort by posting and sharing their definitions and accessing information about the entre­pre­neur­ial experience.

Entrepreneurship Is ...


Alex (Babson Alumnus, Entrepreneur, Manhattan, NY)

Entrepreneurship is having the skill to see an opportunity, having the know-how to grasp it, and having the perseverance to build it.

David (Graduate Student, North Waltham, MA)

Creating value through action, learning, and action again.

Joel (Friend of Babson, United States)

Entrepreneurship is the engine that turns ideas into solutions.

Luis (Interested in Babson, Entrepreneur, Spain)

Transforming an idea into reality through passion and persistence.

Pascal (Babson Alumnus, President, rentalfrance, France)

The fuel of our future.

Robert (Undergraduate Student, New York, NY)

Entrepreneurship is the difference between recognizing an opportunity and acting on it.

Sara (Babson Alumnus, Founder, Cocomama Foods, Boston, MA)

The willingness to lose your sanity, forgo sleep, and do the irrational in order to put your ideas into action.Action

An Open Door

David (Teacher, United Kingdom)

The art of developing a view on the world which enables you to adapt to change, develop change, and look for opportunities.

Jimmy (Undergraduate Student, Methuen, MA)

Ambition, hustle, and spirit combined with a set of skills that allows you to create your own journey.

Jon (Babson Alumnus, Nonprofit, Cambridge, MA)

The ability to overcome obstacles and barriers through imagination and innovation.

Molly (Friend of Babson, consultant, United States)

The pursuit of new opportunity powered by possibility (not present reality).

Sharon (Undergraduate Student, Babson Park, MA)

Passion, resourcefulness, and drive.

Shaun (Graduate Student, Cambridge, MA)

An opportunity to change the world with one great idea.

Stern (Friend of Babson, Cranford, NJ)

Leading business to new frontiers by encouraging open innovation, taking risks, and engaging with customers/employees to meet specific needs and goals.

Tricia (Babson Alumnus, Registered Dietitian and Wellness Consultant, Needham, MA)

Entrepreneurship is being in charge of your own destiny, learning how to hustle, and enjoying the challenges and rewards.


Barbara (Interested in Babson, Babson Park, MA)

Redefining success as a team-based experience achieved through experiment, failure, openness, and shared learning.

Brett (Undergraduate Student, Babson Park, MA)

Entrepreneurship is the process of innovation in which one person or a group of affiliated people can create a new business entity or revitalize an existing one.

Dom (Babson Alumnus, Cambridge, MA)

Embarking on a journey that begins with a single idea - and bringing together as many stakeholders, customers, investors, collaborators, believers - to go with you.

James (Undergraduate Student, North Waltham, MA)

Innovatively solving problems by leveraging the power of collaboration, team building, and cross-cultural communication.

Lauren (accountant, Bentleyville, OH)

The ability to create value and fill a need by leveraging innovation, imagination, and a strong network.

Marissa (Undergraduate Student, Canada)

Putting your ideas into action by bringing together the unique abilities of individuals and groups for a common goal.

Noah (Interested in Babson, Concord, NH)

Bringing people together to make positive change that creates social and economic value.


Darnley (Friend of Babson, Strategy and Finance advisor, Arlington, MA)

Taking initiative to form an organization or within an organization to create value for a defined stakeholder.

Henry (Interested in Babson, Student, France)

The act of undertaking the creation or management of an entity with the goal of effecting change through invention, manufacture, or service.

John (Babson Alumnus, Entrepreneur, Empire State, NY)

Entrepreneurship is about the journey and experience of turning your dreams into reality.

Len (Babson Staff, President Emeritus, Wellesley, MA)

Entrepreneurship is finding and making opportunities to create value everywhere.

Luciano (Interested in Babson, Entrepreneur, Brazil)

Entrepreneurship is more than starting a new business, it is a way of living with attitude, facing all situations as an opportunity to learn, discover, create, explore, and make the world a better place.

Maria (Friend of Babson, President & CEO, Nike Foundation, Aloha, OR)

Entrepreneurs write the future. Great entrepreneurs figure out what’s fundamentally wrong about a business, an industry, a field, organization and reinvent it.

Ron (Graduate Student, Entrepreneur, Israel)

Entrepreneurship is the unsolicited introduction of positive change, whether it is starting a business, organizing a charitable venture, or even initiating projects within an existing organization


Aloke (Babson Family Member, Thailand)

Doing something daring which is unique and differentiated.

Carl (Graduate Student, Graduate Student - Babson, Babson Park, MA)

Creating an exciting new future by taking action today.

Eric (Babson Alumnus, Certified Financial Planner, Salem, MA)

Knowing that “the way it is” is only temporary and that transformation can happen in an instant.

Joshua (Undergraduate Student, Royal Oak, MI)

A motivated individual who sees an opportunity to make a difference in the world without regards to the constraints, and who makes this opportunity a reality for the benefit of others.

Julie (Friend of Babson, Account Executive, South Waltham, MA)

Entrepreneurship is having a relentless passion and the guts to pursue it.

Maria (Graduate Student, Full-time MBA student, Babson College, Colombia)

To think and act simultaneously, taking higher responsibilities now to achieve higher goals later!

Richard (Washington, DC)

Transforming “can do” into “done.”

Taylor (Web developer, Boston, MA)

Where the desire to build something new meets the drive to make anything happen.

Transforming the World

Adrienne (Undergraduate Student, Sweden)

Entrepreneurship is all about new activities undertaken by an individual or a group of individuals, displaying some commercial elements in order to make a change in the market, society, or community.

Colleen (United States)

Bringing an innovative idea to sustainable action.

Guillermo (Graduate Student, Boston, MA)

Thinking big and doing the unexpected.

Guru (Graduate Student, India)

The compelling and insatiable urge to induce a positive change and elevate the human experience of life.

Kat (Socio-Ecopreneur, Charleston, SC)

The act of creating change in the world through innovatively connecting resources to achieve positive socio-eco impact for profit.

Lukas (Undergraduate Student, Switzerland)

Looking at the world with an opportunity-oriented mindset.

Matt (Graduate Student, Foxboro, MA)

Marshaling resources in a creative way in order to initiate change.

Paul (Undergraduate Student, Babson Park, MA)

Entrepreneurship is creating social value in a way that sustains growth for the world.


Alice (Graduate Student, Student, Italy)

Entrepreneurship is to see what the others can’t.

Chris (Friend of Babson, United States)

Someone with vision beyond the horizon who follows his own compass.

Flaminio (Graduate Student, Italy)

Entrepreneurship is to call “ideas” what the others call “dreams” and to call “opportunities” what the others call “problems.”

Gabriela (Undergraduate Student, Cambridge, MA)

Looking into the future faster than everyone else.

Geoff (Graduate Student, Auburndale, MA)

Going against the grain and disrupting the conventional way of thinking.

Melissa (Friend of Babson, United States)

Seeking the unexplored, blazing a trail, simultaneously creating and mapping the terrain. Entrepreneurship is the cartography of our dreams.

Patrick (Graduate Student, Entrepreneur, Oakland, CA)

Being lazer focused on fulfilling gaps in the marketplace.

Sophia (Friend of Babson, Technology Specialist, San Francisco, CA)

Staying grounded with a 30,000-foot perspective.


Alan (Interested in Babson, High School Student, Brooklyn, NY)

Bringing your version of the world to life.

Ditya (Undergraduate Student, India)

Entrepreneurship is cashing in your smart solutions against everybody’s problems, in a manner that is fun and profitable enough for people to admire and follow...!

German (Friend of Babson, Teacher, Chile)

The action of defining yourself by doing what is needed to enrich other people’s lives.

Han (Undergraduate Student, Entrepreneur, E Greenwich, RI)

Improving yourself by improving the world and its people around you.

Matt (Undergraduate Student, Entrepreneur, Boston, MA)

Grabbing a life passion by the horns and sculpting it into a real business that adds value to others’ lives.

Mike (Babson Alumnus, United States)

Taking calculated risks to achieve your goals.

William (Friend of Babson, Diplomat, Washington, DC)

Putting your print on the world.

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