Brand Campaign: The Entrepreneurs


Babson College


Illustrate the power of a Babson education through our graduates, innovative leaders who embody entrepreneurship in action. By highlighting the wide range of careers these alumni “action stars” are exceling in thanks to the skills and mindset they gained at Babson, we could appeal to prospective students and at the same time build pride among our alumni, parent, and current student audiences.

The Work

The campaign was conceptualized and executed in partnership with Connelly Partners​, the College’s advertising agency of record, with each story accompanied by a promotional movie-style poster and testimonial video featuring the alumni action star. These posters and stories live on the campaign’s microsite​, with print and digital advertising, out-of-home installations in San Francisco and Boston, and social sharing driving to the site.


Our campaign promotion resulted in more than 100,000 site visitors and 81 million impressions through paid ads. We received positive feedback from current and past students from around the world, proud of the distinctive and bold creative used to convey the value of a Babson education.

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