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Marketing provides a range of services to help promote your event or initiative. All requests for marketing services must be submitted through Babson's project management tool, Jira.

Content Rules!

As good as we are, Babson marketing can’t create something out of nothing! In addition to providing firm details on who, what, where, when, and why of the event, Babson marketing needs key message points including a clear call to action (e.g. register, go to the website, share) that you want to convey. Armed with that information, we can then craft an event title, tag line, and descriptive content as needed.

Content Tip
Create a Twitter hashtag to include in your event materials. This encourages your audience to tweet about your event or initiative.


Establish Web Presence / Anchor Point

Give your audience a place where they can get more information and/or register (the url for the registration page for your event, or the url for your program website).

Consider Event Assets / Take-aways

Is there a value in capturing this event in photography or video? If so, consult with a Marketing Account Manager who will ensure that the end asset’s quality matches the distribution plan, and the appropriate releases allow for the distribution.


Babson does not have a dedicated on-site photographer. Creative Services provides names and contact information for approved photographers. Contact the Creative Services Director at ext. 4547 for referrals. In an effort to save costs, you may have volunteers take pictures. Keep in mind that in order to repurpose these photos for print pieces, they need to be high resolution (300 dpi or higher). As noted above, you also need to have followed a process documenting release consent.  Subjects should complete a consent release form (pdf).


How you plan to use the recorded footage will determine what kind of service you need:
  • If you intend to use the event recording in a marketing production or feature it (whole or in part) on a Babson Web property, Marketing’s multimedia team will help you and your Marketing Account Manager plan for the production and figure out the best way to capture the video assets for future use as a marketing tool.
  • If you just want to capture a video recording of the event, or if you expect to use the video for teaching purposes, please contact MAPS (Media & Academic Production Services) through their request form or by contacting If you are unsure about intended use, submit a request through JIRA, and Babson Marketing will help determine that.

Live Streaming

Share your event with constituencies that cannot attend. Contact Media Services at to arrange live-streaming of your event. If you want the live streaming tape to be high enough quality to post on your website later, make sure you make this known to Media Services upfront. You will need to submit a request to Marketing for the creation of a header graphic before the Live Streaming site can be set up.