This policy establishes guidelines for Babson’s retention rules for course sites being stored in Babson’s Blackboard Learning Management Systems. This policy is designed to reduce the number of historic courses currently being viewed in the Blackboard course list view.
General/Definitions: For purposes of this policy, unless otherwise stated, the following definitions shall apply:
Course Sites: A site created within Blackboard that is specific to a single course being offered during a specific semester at Babson.
Archive (d): The process of decommissioning data into a format that can be restored when required. Archived data will remain active for a predetermined period after which will be permantely deleted from Babson’s systems.
Restoration: Refers to the activity of pulling archived data back into an accessible state.

Organizational Scope

This policy applies to all courses taught in the Undergraduate, Blended Learning MBA, Evening MBA, One Year MBA and Two Year MBA programs. Due to program requirements, Executive Education content within Blackboard will remain available indefinitely.

Policy Content and Guidelines

Blackboard course sites will be available within Blackboard for a period of two and a half (2 ½) years from the end date of the term in which they were taught. After that time, the course sites will be archived and removed from the Blackboard system. The archived course sites will remain available for restoration for a period of two (2) years after they are removed from Blackboard. If during this period a course needs to be restored, the instructor of the course will submit a request to the IT Service Center and the course site will be restored within three (3) business days.
After a course has been archived for two (2) years the course site will be permanently deleted from the archives and will no longer be available for restoration.
Instructors are also encouraged to create and keep a local archive of their own courses. Instructions for creating and restoring those archives may be found here.


Each term, an announcement will be made regarding the archival and removal dates for courses two and a half (2 1/2) years old. A seperate announcement will be made each term prior to the deletion of the courses which have been archived for more than two (2) years.

Approval Agency


Approval Dates

This policy was originally approved on: 6/26/2009
This version was approved on: 3/5/2010
This version takes effect from: 3/5/2010
This policy will be reviewed by: 3/5/2011

Policy Sponsor

Andew Lymburner 
Director, Architechture and Development

Contact Person

The following person may be approached on a routine basis in relation to this policy:

Andrew Lymburner 
Director, Architechture and Development ​​