Annual Authorization update Process

  1. On an annual basis, driver will be required to do the following in order to maintain authorization status:

    1. Driver will receive an email from Adobe Sign requesting that they complete and electronically sign the Driver's Updated Application and the Driver Agreement to Terms,Conditions, Rules, and Regulations.

      Note: You are not allowed to drive a College-owned vehicle or to drive on behalf of the College if you do not hold a valid US driver’s license. Therefore, any changes that occur in your license status (revocation, suspension, etc.) must be reported to Risk Management and Public Safety as soon as it happens, rather than waiting for the annual review. Failure to report could result in disciplinary action.

    2. Failure to electronically sign and return these documents to Risk Management on a timely basis may result in loss of authorization to drive on behalf of the College.

  2. As long as the driver maintains a valid US driver’s license and remains accident and moving violation-free, no further action (other than action described in item 1) will be required in order to maintain authority to drive.