Authorization Process

Outlined below is the process for becoming authorized to drive on behalf of the College for the first time.

  1. Via email, contact

    SKIP to #7 if you are any employee required to drive as a condition of employment, and, whose driver history was reviewed as part of the hiring process.

  2. Applicant will receive an email from Adobe Sign requesting that the applicant complete and electronically sign the Driver’s Application and the Agreement to Terms and Conditions. Once the forms are submitted through Adobe Sign, Risk Management and the Applicant will both receive a copy of the signed document. The Applicant should retain a copy for their records.

    Note: Only Adobe certified electronic signatures are acceptable.

  3. Applicant will receive 2 emails (1) notification from Risk Management asking the Applicant to sign into a secure site to provide personal information including date of birth and driver’s license number; and, (2) a second email providing a randomly selected password to provide the driver access to the secure site.

  4. Applicant provides the requested information and follows the additional instructions. This allows the College’s vendor to provide the Applicant’s driver history to the College.

    Note: Applicant SHOULD NOT complete these again if she or he has already completed them for Human Resources as part of the hiring process.

  5. Risk Management reviews the driver history to confirm that it meets the College’s criteria for an acceptable driver and advises the Applicant of the results.

  6. Applicant clicks here to take the on-line driver safety course.

  7. Upon completion of the course, Applicant will receive a copy of the completion certificate via email.

  8. Applicant will forward the email containing the course completion certificate to

  9. For golf-cart authorization, Applicant reviews the babson-golf-cart-training and takes the golf-cart-quiz.

  10. Applicant will submit the completed golf cart quiz answer-sheet to

  11. Upon satisfactory review of the driver history, Risk Management advises Applicant and Public Safety that Applicant is ready for vehicle orientation.

  12. Public Safety advises Risk Management when vehicle orientation is complete.

  13. Risk Management adds the Applicant to the authorized driver list.

  14. Risk Management advises Applicant that she or he is authorized to drive.

    NOTE: Applicant is responsible for understanding both the Driver Vehicle Use Policy and the Driver Agreement to Terms, Conditions, Rules and Regulations. See above for copies of these documents.