Strategic Alliance Program

Offer a Multitiered Education Benefit to Your Teams

Infuse Your Organization with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Give your leadership teams, managers, and employees access to Babson’s action-based part-time graduate degrees, certificates, and classes as well as executive education programs, certificates, and courses. Help grow your business from within by developing open-minded, innovative, and entrepreneurial leaders at every level of your organization.

How It Works

The Strategic Alliance Program is a multitiered education benefit you can offer to all employees at all levels of your organization as a corporate training solution. There is no membership fee to join. In lieu of payment, your organization simply markets Babson offerings twice a year to employees.


Cost to Your Organization


Reduced Tuition rate for Part-Time Grad Programs*


Application Fee for Part-Time Grad Programs—Valued at $100

Extended Employee Payment Plan for Part-Time Grad Programs


Employee Discount for Executive Education Open Enrollment Programs


Complimentary Webinars Led by Babson Experts Annually—Open to All Employees (two of these may be held onsite)

*Effective August 2021. If your company joined prior to this date, your percentage may be different. Please refer to your company’s employee portal for your tuition benefit discount.

Offer Babson’s Working Professional Development Portfolio

Our portfolio of programs for individual executives, managers, and working professionals focuses on developing a make-it-happen mindset and deep, functional business knowledge. We balance experimentation and analysis, giving your teams the tools they need to think strategically and solve problems creatively.

Questions on Supporting Employees at Every Level of Your Organization?

If you want to learn more about the benefits and available programs through the Strategic Alliance Membership, please email us.