News From The Field

The Glavin Office of International Education is proud to share the contributions of our staff to the fields of multicultural and international education in 2017–2018.


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Reza, A. (2017). Entrepreneurial Thought & Action: Educating Entrepreneurial Leaders to create social & economic value. Speaker at the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Conference, Shaoshan, Hunan, China.

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Chin, B. (2017, September). “Advising Students of Color in Education Abroad.” Presentation at Diversity Abroad Webinar.

Chin, B. (2017, June). “All T All Shade: Drag 101.” Presentation at Community Learning Day, Babson College, Babson Park, MA.

Chin, B. (2017, May). “Invisible Identities Abroad: Supporting Mental, Physical, and Learning Needs.” Presentation at NAFSA Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

Reza, A. & Romito, L. (2017, April). “Multi Destination Study Abroad Programs.” Presentation at Quinnipiac University Faculty Training Seminar, North Haven, CT.

Wiley, A. (2017, April). “Pathways to Success: Support Structures for High-Financial Need Students.” Presentation at Diversity Abroad Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Kendrioski, J. (2017, March). “Advice for International Student and Scholar Entrepreneurs.” Presentation at NAFSA Region XI Spring Immigration Workshop, Wellesley, MA.

Professional Associations

Nesbeda, A. (2018, February). Break-Out Session Coordinator for Lessons from Abroad New England Returnee Conference, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

Nicosia, N. (2017, March). Participant at NAFSA Advocacy Day, Washington, DC.

Kendrioski, J., Nicosia, N. (2017, March). Co-hosted NAFSA Region XI Spring Immigration Workshop for 250 immigration advising professionals.

Nesbeda, A. (2017, February). Career Development Coordinator for Lessons from Abroad New England Returnee Conference, Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, MA.